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Bee Friends Farm

Bee Friends Farm is your beekeeper-owned and operated honey company. Their commitment to raw, Florida varietals and honey bee education means they produce quality honey to fuel your day and educational classes to fuel your mind.

Started in 2013 by beekeeper Michael Leach, Bee Friends Farm produces some of the best raw, local honey you can find in Jacksonville and North Florida. It's true that honey bees face more challenges than ever and at Bee Friends Farm, the health of our hives comes first. Michael is always looking for ways he can help strengthen the bees we manage. Healthy bees happen to produce amazing honey. You can feel confident knowing that you are purchasing the highest quality raw, local honey you can for you and your family.

Encouraging the community to keep their own bees and learn more about our honey bee population is a key component for Bee Friends Farm. They offer hands-on beekeeping experiences to folks who just want to know more about keeping bees. For North Florida backyard beekeepers they offer basic beekeeping equipment for sale, like smokers, hive tools, hive kits and nucleus hives which can be prepared for Spring.

For an up-close look at Bee Friends Farm’s hives and a peek into their bee yards follow Bee Friends Farm on Instagram and Facebook! #weareyourneighborhoodbeekeeper

From 17 Apr 2024
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