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Berks & Bucks Events Bookings

Please use this form to enter any upcoming Berks & Bucks county event. You can enter and pay for you and your partner in pairs or for all four in a teams event.
Chose which event you want to book from the list of scheduled events.
Start with the "Select" button and enter the number of tickets. This is usually 1 for a pair or a team ( but sometimes can be individual tickets depending on the event).
For events using individual tickets then click the number of tickets you are paying for ( 1 or 2 for pairs and 1-4 for teams)
Click on "View Selections" and then "Book Now". Enter your email address in the "Booker details" box for payment purposes. Click "Continue".
If you are booking for yourself, enter your name as 1st attendee. If you are booking for someone else and the 1st attendee is not you, click "Change Attendee" and enter their details.
For a pair booking, please also add your partner's name in the box provided, so that we know pairings.
For a team booking please add your team members names.
If the event is using single tickets and you are booking for you and your partner, having selected 2 tickets, click "Add another attendee" and add their details as the 2nd attendee.
Click "Continue"
You will now be in the payment section. Click "Pay by card" and enter your card details.
When the booking is completed, you (and your partner if you have booked using single tickets) will receive a confirmation e-mail.
If you are booking using a pair or team ticket, then only you will receive the confirmation email.

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