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Brahma Kumaris \ Pennisula Retreat Centre, Vic

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Brahma Kumaris Peninsula
83-99 Stotts Lane
Frankston South
VIC 3199
03 59711599

From 1 Oct 2022
October, 2022
1 Sat 1 day Essence of Raja Yoga
5 Wed 6pm AEDT Raja Yoga Meditation Course as taught by The Brahma Kumaris (PM)
15 Sat 1 day The Tree of Life
23 Sun 10am AEDT Meditation For Men
29 Sat 1 day A Silence Day Retreat
30 Sun 2pm AEDT Creative Spiritual Space for Women
3 Sat 1 day Yes I love you - Diving into self-love and acceptance
Times shown in timezone: Sydney