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Driver CPC Training Courses - Maximum Class Size: 20

At Brian Lafferty Transport Consultant Ltd, we are dedicated to delivering Driver CPC Training Courses that surpass industry standards. Our commitment extends to addressing the unique needs of both corporate clients and individual learners.

Our passion and pride stem from a continuous pursuit of excellence, aimed at not only improving ourselves but also fostering safer and more competent drivers on the road. To us, Driver CPC means more than a mere checkbox exercise; we aim to ensure drivers learn, actively engage, and derive genuine satisfaction from their training.

Interactive Driver CPC Training Course

Our training utilises interactive hardware known as Qwizdom, promoting engagement and participation throughout the course. This approach culminates in a comprehensive report at the conclusion of the program, providing insights into knowledge levels. The course presentations are designed to be enjoyable, making the learning experience both effective and enjoyable.

  • Assured Delegate Participation
  • Infused with a Competitive Edge
  • Inclusive Reports

We Offer Flexibility and Support for All

Recognising the mandatory nature of this requirement, we recommend completing a single day course per year. As part of our competitive pricing structure, we pledge to lock in today's rates for those booking only one course annually. Moreover, we provide a comprehensive planning service to ensure each attending driver covers different courses every time.

Consider Monthly Payment Options for Individuals and Operators Seeking Financial Support

For those seeking financial assistance, have you explored the possibility of monthly payment plans for your training needs? We're here to facilitate your access to our courses.

From 14 Apr 2024
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