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Boogie Tots - Parent and Toddler Dance Classes

I'm Sammie and I run Boogie Tots Entertainment, fun, engaging dance party sessions for parents and toddlers, schools, nurseries and organisations, online and in person. These sessions will help solve the problems of lack of inspiration, stimulation, inactivity and lack of confidence, they also promote good listening skills, social interaction and self esteem. If you are struggling to find something to look forward to and raise your spirits, let me help!

From 21 Feb 2024
February, 2024
23 Fri 10am GMT
27 Tue 10am GMT
28 Wed 10am GMT
1 Fri 10am GMT
5 Tue 10am GMT
6 Wed 10am GMT
8 Fri 10am GMT
12 Tue 10am GMT
13 Wed 10am GMT
15 Fri 10am GMT
19 Tue 10am GMT
20 Wed 10am GMT
22 Fri 10am GMT
26 Tue 10am GMT
27 Wed 10am GMT
29 Fri 10am GMT
2 Tue 10am BST
3 Wed 10am BST
5 Fri 10am BST
9 Tue 10am BST
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