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The Boss Chick Dance Workout with Danielle

At The Boss Chick Dance Workout, we are champions for inclusion and equality for all. However, the need for safe spaces of expression, especially in dance and body movement, is still needed for some. The BCDW has the mission of providing a safe place for women to express themselves through dance without the worry of that movement being sexualized. Please support us in this mission by ensuring it remains a ladies - including transwomen and individuals who self-identify as a female - only space. Thank you for being an ally to the cause and helping us uphold this safe place for women.

From 18 Apr 2024
April, 2024
20 Sat 11am EDT
27 Sat 11am EDT
29 Mon 7pm EDT
4 Sat 11am EDT
6 Mon 7pm EDT
11 Sat 11am EDT
18 Sat 11am EDT
20 Mon 7pm EDT
25 Sat 11am EDT
1 Sat 11am EDT
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