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Coming Home To The Body 1 | LIVE ON ZOOM | 7pm CET, 10am PST

Wednesday, 7 June '23   6pm – 7:15pm BST
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June Theme will be 'Coming Home To The Body"
More info to come!

Each month Julie picks a focus or theme to explore in her weekly masterclasses. Each week she repeats the sequence and may add on to the sequence, or dive deeper into a section of it. This deepening exploration through repetition and movement gives us the opportunity to let go of unwanted patterns, behaviours, stories and limitations allowing us to cultivate a relationship with our inner self.

In all of Julies masterclass explorations students are encouraged to find their own pace, fluidity and strength in a structure that is only a "suggestion". You are no longer asked to get "into" a pose, but if stillness arises then space is given for you to pause, feel and sense. Moving on only when you are ready, moving with the body not against it. Using awareness of sensation Julie will guide you to explore natural spirals, waves, pulses, expansion and contraction, integrated movement, breath and pause. Listening without judgement to what your body has to say, physically, emotionally and spiritually.



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