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Yoga & Mobility Masterclass: Backbends | April Theme | LIVE ON ZOOM | 6pm CET, 9am PDT

Wednesday, 10 April '24   5pm – 6:15pm BST
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THEME: Backbends

How do you feel in your backbends? Do you have a physical or mental struggle sometimes? Or perhaps they feel good to you. They aren't the same for everyone and I find that so often classes miss out on the important components that cultivate support and stability in a back bend for students to find ease. So, that's what we're playing with in April!

In the physical backend, we'll be layering up movement with upper back strength and firing up the glutes and hamstrings. These elements are often forgotten as most people focus on opening the front. As usual, we will investigate through movement to find where our bodies align naturally and then play with a few variations on backends at the end.

Of course in the mental and emotional sense backbending challenges us to feel at ease with opening the solar plexus and the heart area. These spaces are used to being protected. As part of our investigation, we'll also negotiate through the sensations that arise as we practice.



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