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Bransfield Glass is a studio in Westcott, Buckinghamshire, where glass artists and their pupils can practise this fascinating craft. The team of experts has over 60 years' experience between them, and they continue to pass their knowledge on. With just a one-day or half-day workshop, you can introduce yourself to this unique art, and produce a timeless and beautiful piece to keep. So if you are looking for a unique experience for yourself or someone special, book a class and see where it takes you.

From 21 Jul 2024
January, 2024
1 Mon 730 days
730 days
730 days
7 Sat 10am BST
8 Sun 10am BST
2:30pm BST
21 Sat 10am BST
22 Sun 10am BST
5 Sat 10am BST
2:30pm BST
6 Sun 10am BST
19 Sat 10am BST
20 Sun 10am BST
2 Sat 10am GMT
3 Sun 10am GMT
2:30pm GMT
16 Sat 10am GMT
17 Sun 10am GMT
30 Sat 10am GMT
2:30pm GMT
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