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Bumblebee Beatz South Tyneside, Gateshead and Chester-le-Street

Bumblebee Beatz offers two different class types.
Baby Bees (from around 8 weeks to walking/confident crawling) and
Family Bees (mixed ages, aimed at toddlers and preschoolers which younger siblings/children welcome to join in the musical fun too!
(If your little one is over 12 months old but not on the move yet Family Bees will be the most suitable class for them to attend. If your little one has additional needs please feel free to get in touch and I can advise which class would be best for your little one).

馃懚馃悵BABY BEES馃悵馃懚
Baby Bees is the perfect baby group to introduce your little one to the world of singing and music.
My music and sensory baby classes are lots of fun for children and adults alike.
Why? Because babies LOVE music! The nursery rhymes we sing will engage, stimulate and soothe your little one and you get to spend some magical bonding time with your baby. Just watch as their eyes light up as you sing our songs and play with lots of colourful and fun props!
Research shows that babies get fantastic benefits from regularly attending music classes. It supports and enhances their development in so many essential ways, like:
路 Social development and interaction
路 Motor skills and coordination
路 Sensory enhancement
路 Language development
路 Emotional regulation
路 Brain boosting
路 Parent-child bonding

You鈥檒l also get lots of exciting ideas to take home with you so you can continue having those special moments, and help your baby develop.
Using my skills as an Early Years Teacher, Music Education Specialist and Parent, I鈥檝e structured my baby groups to be as FUN and STIMULATING as possible, while still delivering all the benefits that baby music classes can give.

馃懇馃徑鈥嶐煠濃嶐煣戰煆拣煇滷AMILY BEES馃悵馃懇馃徎鈥嶐煠濃嶐煣戰煆
My Family Bees classes are mixed-age music sessions for toddlers and preschoolers. But, younger children and siblings are welcome to join in the fun too!
Family Bees classes are full of fun, energy, music and play!
Each class is jam-packed with Nursery Rhymes and Action Songs; enhanced by lots of actions, musical instruments, dancing and props, making my Family Bees classes the perfect way for children to develop confidence, coordination and social skills, while the also learn to express themselves and their creativity in a friendly and fun environment.
Each class is carefully planned to support and enhance your child's language, mathematical, musical and physical skills too!
Bumblebee Beatz鈥檚 gently structured sessions will also help the children to feel at ease. It's a well-known fact that children feel more comfortable if they have a structure or routine to follow, which means they鈥檒l have even more fun.
I鈥檝e used all my experience and knowledge as an Early Years Teacher, Music Education Specialist and Parent to plan and deliver classes that are both FUN and EDUCATIONAL.
Your little ones will have a fantastic time learning and practising lots of new skills, which will in turn help boost their all-round development and confidence.

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