Calgary Campus

Please see our Program Guides for detailed information regarding the classes, events and activities available to students at the Phoenix Education Foundation, Calgary Campus.

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February, 2019
22 Fri 1pm - 2pm INFO SESSION: Kinder
25 Mon 1:45pm - 3:15pm FIELD TRIP: Pisces Pet Emporium (Grades K-3)
28 Thu 12pm - 1:30pm EVENT: Pink Shirt Day
14 Thu 12pm - 1:30pm EVENT: Pi Day
15 Fri 1pm - 2pm INFO SESSION: Kinder
1pm - 3pm EXTRA: Edible Art: Edible Garden Boxes (grade 4-6)
22 Fri 1pm - 3pm EXTRA: Creation Station: Bear Paws and Bees (grade 1-6)
29 Fri 9:45am - 2:15pm FIELD TRIP: Leighton Art Centre (gr. 4-7)
21 Fri 1:30pm - 3pm EVENT: Year End Ceremony
18 Thu 12pm - 1:30pm EVENT: Mandela Day
25 Thu 12pm - 1:30pm EVENT: Hot Fudge Sunday
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