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All Finance Courses can booked directly with our Finance Agent - Steve Parkinson
When making a booking with The Parkinson Partnership, you will be asked for your County Association.
Steve will then invoice CAPALC directly, who will then invoice your council directly.

From 23 Apr 2024
April, 2024
19 Fri Course: 2 dates
24 Wed Course: 5 dates
10am BST
25 Thu 10am BST
26 Fri 9:30am BST
30 Tue 10am BST
1 Wed 10am BST
6 Mon 1 day
10 Fri 10am BST
13 Mon Course: 3 dates
21 Tue Course: 2 dates
25 Sat 9am BST
30 Thu 7pm BST
1 Sat 10am BST
3 Mon 1 day
5 Wed Course: 4 dates
7pm BST
6 Thu 7pm BST
10 Mon 10am BST
7pm BST
Times shown in timezone: London