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**Teaching Support Centre Workshops for Doctoral Assistants & Post-Docs**

  • Please use your insititutional email when registering for a workshop. Thanks These workshops are for doctoral assistants and post-docs at the EPFL and partner institutions. If you are a member of another public institution, please drop us a line at to inquire if we can accomodate you in a particular workshop.
  • Please note that registration for each workshop opens 5 weeks before the scheduled date.
  • Do use the waiting list - enrollment for many workshops tends to be quite dynamic and you will very likely be offered a spot.
  • If you would like to obtain credit for your pedagogical development, please see the events flagged as (ISA course)
From 4 Feb 2023
February, 2023
13 Mon 10am CET Teaching problem solving (ENG-643)
21 Tue 9am CET Teaching Toolkit for EXERCISES
23 Thu 9am CET Lecturing and Presenting in Engineering (ENG-629)
24 Fri 9am CET Toolkit2 for Assistants in First Year Maths + Physics Courses
20 Mon 10am CET Science and Engineering Teaching and Learning (ENG-624 ISA course)
24 Fri 9am CET Teaching Toolkit for PROJECTS
26 Wed 1:30pm CEST Teaching Toolkit for PRESENTING (online)
3 Wed 1:30pm CEST Teaching Toolkit for PRESENTING (online)
31 Wed 9am CEST Teaching Toolkit for LABS
Times shown in timezone: Bern