**Teaching Support Centre Workshops for Doctoral Assistants & Post-Docs**

  • Please use your insititutional email when registering for a workshop. Thanks These workshops are for doctoral assistants and post-docs at the EPFL and partner institutions. If you are a member of another public institution, please drop us a line at cape@epfl.ch to inquire if we can accomodate you in a particular workshop.
  • Please note that registration for each workshop opens 5 weeks before the scheduled date.
  • Do use the waiting list - enrollment for many workshops tends to be quite dynamic and you will very likely be offered a spot.
  • If you would like to obtain credit for your pedagogical development, please see the events flagged as (ISA course)
From 22 Jan 2022
February, 2022
11 Fri 9am CET Teaching Toolkit for EXERCISES
18 Fri 9am CET Toolkit2 for Assistants in First Year Maths + Physics Courses
3 Thu 9:15am CET Lecturing and Presenting in Engineering (ISA course)
10 Thu 9am CET Teaching Toolkit for PROJECTS
11 Mon 10am CEST Science and Engineering Teaching and Learning (ENG-624 ISA course)
21 Thu 1:30pm CEST Teaching Toolkit for PRESENTING (online)
28 Thu 1:30pm CEST Teaching Toolkit for PRESENTING (online)
Times shown in timezone: Bern