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Alpaca Trek

Hello Farm Visitors! Thank you for using our online booking system to plan your farm visit.

A few tips when booking:

if you see a red circle with a line through it - that means the date is entirely booked.

if you book a date and then want to switch prior to 3 days before your trek, you can open up your booking from your confirmation email and click on the booking code to open and find options, choose switch date. This is available prior to the 72 hour notice and only if the date you want to switch to is open.

Participants must wear closed toe shoes or sneakers. We recommend long pants for summer flies.

Please remember:
One payment is for one trekker;
Children need to be at least 9 years of age for trekking; payment will be forfeited for any child registered that does not meet the age requirement;

Each trekker needs to be registered individually.

We do not allow non-registered trekkers to wait on our farm. There are tons of beautiful places to explore on our island, if there is someone in your group who is not trekking, we recommend having an alternative plan to wait for you.

Please be on time, we leave the farm to trek with our group and if you are late we cannot refund or accommodate your trek.

We do have public restrooms available for our trekkers.

We do not allow any chemical spraying or bug repellant on our property. We have free range chickens and chose not to use chemicals in our environment or for the environment. Spray up before you arrive if desired or please consider using chemical free repellant with essential oils.

Please read our cancellation policy.

We do trek in sun and light rain/fog/snow, but In the case of inclement threatening weather such as torrential rain, lightening or thunder, we will work with our trekkers to reschedule. We will contact you 24 hours before your trek to reschedule. We are a small family run farm. We try to coordinate a reschedule date with trekkers and our farm schedule. Please remember to leave at least one cell number with us just in case we need to reach you!

Thank you.
Anne and Michael - see you soon!

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