Children affected by parental offending workshops

It is estimated that more than 310,000 children a year that experience the imprisonment of a parent and 10,000 visits every week made to our public prisons by children and young people. Research increasingly shows the impact that parental imprisonment can have on these children-poorer outcomes, stigma, isolation, poor education attainment, health and financial difficulties.

We deliver 3 different workshops for professionals:

  1. Hidden Sentence: a full-day, prison-based workshop on the impact of parental offending on children and families. The workshop includes a walk-through of the prison visiting process.

  2. Understanding the Needs of Children and Families Affected by Parental Offending: a 2 hour introductory workshop, for all professionals working with offenders, children or families, on the impact of parental offending and where to access support and advice.

  3. Supporting Children & Families Affected by Offending, a practice workshop: a 4 hour workshop for professionals working directly with children and families in the community. A detailed ‘how to’ guide on undertaking effective assessments and developing support plans. Please note this is a follow-on workshop and should only be attended by those who have attended either Hidden Sentence or the 2 hour introductory workshop previously.

Please note that courses taking place at a prison must be booked at least 2 weeks before the event. This is so that there is ample time for these venues to conduct required security checks.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds. Should you be unable to attend, please inform us at least 7 days prior to your workshop and we will be able to move you to an alternative date. Please contact us directly before cancelling your booking on this site.

Any issues with booking please call Raina Joyce 01179 375522 or email

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