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Catherine's Yoga With Baby Classes - Surrey and Hampshire

Yoga With Baby classes are designed for you and your baby to do together. A great way to ease yourself back into exercise after the birth of your baby. You can start to increase your fitness, strengthen abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles, regain good posture, and increase your energy levels. You will also gain some vital relaxation techniques, and you should get a really good stretch for overworked muscle groups. Everyone comes to the classes with a different level of fitness and yoga experience, so I offer a variety of options for poses allowing you to progress to more demanding ones as you build up your strength.

For your baby, there is some baby massage and yoga-based exercises and games to play. A few activities are dedicated to just baby, but throughout the classes baby is next to you and involved. They are also allowed to sleep if that is what they need to do during class, there will still be plenty for you to get on with if you wish! When baby is ready to engage again, there is plenty on offer to stimulate their senses, and encourage their emotional and physical development. Parents often find that baby relaxes and sleeps better after sessions. Babies love music and singing and this features throughout the classes (even if you doubt that anyone appreciates your singing voice, babies can be wonderfully uncritical fans!).

With you and baby coming to class together, it makes the logistics of getting to a postnatal exercise class easier for you. You and baby will be able to enjoy some special time together, allowing you to build on your relationship, and continue providing a solid foundation for your baby’s development.

I have supported parents of babies through facilitated discussion groups as well as through running these yoga classes, so I bring a wealth experience, as well as much in-depth training focused on the special needs of parents in the postnatal period. Just as important for me is to bring parents together, giving you a chance to make friends and exchange support and experiences with people who understand what the shape of your life might be right now. There is a chance to catch up with each other at the beginning of each class, and, I can help you all link up and share information through a WhatsApp group which you are invited to join if you wish.

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April, 2024
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