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Clay Half - Pottery, Art and Creative Studio

The Clay Half is a small pottery studio located in the heart of the coastal town of Montrose, Angus.
The aim of the Clay Half is to provide a welcoming venue for all abilities, to encourage creativity in any way.

Our class timetable updated frequently, so please check regularly for updates. The tutors at the Clay Half are local artists who love to teach and pass on our skills and experience.

Waiting List

  • If you find a class is full, please add yourself to the waiting list - but note that the waiting list only applies to that individual class... it does not follow on to subsequent classes.
  • If a class has not been fully subscribed it is up to the tutors' discretion as to whether it will run, you will be contacted directly if not and offered an alternative date or a full refund.
  • Please refer to our cancellation policy for details should you wish to cancel a booking.
From 27 May 2024
May, 2024
27 Mon 2pm BST
7pm BST
28 Tue Course: 4 dates
Course: 4 dates
29 Wed 10:30am BST
2pm BST
7pm BST
30 Thu 10:30am BST
Course: 1 date
31 Fri 10:30am BST
1 Sat 10am BST
3 Mon 2pm BST
7pm BST
5 Wed 10am BST
7pm BST
6 Thu 10am BST
10 Mon 2pm BST
7pm BST
12 Wed 10am BST
7pm BST
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