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Adaptive Sport & Exercise

COOL ROWINGS is Adaptive Sport & Exercise

Soul Line Dancing SLD
One to One - Group Training
Cool Rowings Athletics Fitness Training CRAFT
Chair Based Reggae CBR
Roots In Dub Exercise RIDE
Online Zoom Sessions OZS
Gladiator Fitness Training GFT

From 21 Jul 2024
July, 2024
24 Wed 1pm BST
25 Thu 4pm BST
8pm BST
27 Sat 11am BST
31 Wed 1pm BST
1 Thu 4pm BST
8pm BST
3 Sat 11am BST
7 Wed 1pm BST
8 Thu 4pm BST
8pm BST
10 Sat 11am BST
14 Wed 1pm BST
15 Thu 4pm BST
8pm BST
21 Wed 1pm BST
22 Thu 8pm BST
28 Wed 1pm BST
29 Thu 8pm BST
4 Wed 1pm BST
Times shown in timezone: London