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Bump Room Webinars

Fra 6 jun 2023
oktober, 2023
2 man 19:30 IST WEBINAR: A whole-body approach to Return to Running after pregnancy
5 tor 19:30 IST WEBINAR: Structure and design of pregnancy exercise classes
9 man 19:30 IST WEBINAR: Managing postnatal pelvic organ prolapse in a class setting
12 tor 19:30 IST WEBINAR: Birth and labour preparation
16 man 19:30 IST WEBINAR: Managing Diastasis Recti with exercise
19 tor 19:30 IST WEBINAR: Transition into motherhood, how to support
21 lør 09:30 IST WEBINAR: What you need to know to about exercise in pregnancy, benefits/guidelines/risks
11:30 IST WEBINAR: Advice and resources for pregnancy related medical and musculoskeletal issues
24 tir 19:30 IST WEBINAR: Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain- exercises and resources to offer
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