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Kates Core Fitness

Welcome to Kates Core Fitness Online. During this worrying time I still want to be able to deliver my classes to you so I am now going to be putting a timetable of sessions on my Website each week for you to choose from. Once you have purchased your class of choice, the link will be sent to you on your confirmation of booking. Use that link to access the class to either do it 'live' with me or it will be avaiable for 24 hours if you want to do it later in the day. Thanks for your support, i look forward to teaching you online.

Fra 26 maj 2022
maj, 2022
23 man 1 uge ONLINE Energising Xpress Pilates 30 min**LIVE 23rd May 10am ** Expires 29th May PICK ALL 6 ONLINE SESSIONS FOR £10 SPECIAL OFFER
1 uge ONLINE Legs Bums Tums 30 mins Expires 29th May
1 uge ONLINE Upper Body Blast 30 mins **Expires 29th May
1 uge ONLINE Xpress Barre 30 mins *LIVE TUES 24 May 9.30* Expires 29th May
24 tir 6 dage ONLINE Pilates 60 mins **LIVE Tues 24th May 10am** Expires 29th May
26 tor 10:45 BST Pilates at Hypa Dance Studio Face to Face Class
18:00 BST Purely Barre Howley Grange Primary School
19:30 BST Pilates Howley Grange Primary School Face to Face
27 fre 3 dage ONLINE Set you up for the Weekend Stretch and Relaxation **:LIVE Friday 27th May 10am** Expires 29th May
30 man 19:30 BST Purely Barre Howley Grange Primary School
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