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Using nature to nurture. Increasing confidence and wellbeing in everyone.

Picture the scene; the sound of twigs snapping underfoot, the smell of pine needles in the air and the curiosity in your eyes as you explore and learn a new skills.

Roots to Branches is about reconnecting our children with nature. Getting outdoors in the fresh air promotes confidence and well being; vital to our emotional and physical development.
We get them engaging with the environment and offer alternative learning through fun, safe woodland based activities.

We have two sites

  • Mill Hill Woods in Thistleton Village
  • The Meadow at St Michaels-on-Wyre

Affects of our Forest Schools include smiles, increased confidence and wellbeing, muddy shoes, grass stained knees and dirty finger nails.

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Fra 1 feb 2023
november, 2022
9 ons 90 dage Voucher for forest school fun
februar, 2023
5 søn 13:00 GMT Party Booking BA
7 tir 10:00 GMT Tuesday Woodland Mini Mudders morning 1-5 years (Thistleton)
19 søn 13:00 GMT Sunday Family Forest School Club (Afternoon)
26 søn 13:00 GMT Party Booking JT
4 lør 11:00 GMT Party Booking PG
12 søn 11:00 GMT Pizza Party Booking TB
19 søn 13:00 GMT Sunday Family Forest School Club (Afternoon)
16 søn 13:00 BST Sunday Family Forest School Club (Afternoon)
30 søn 12:00 BST Party Booking: AC
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