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STELLAR - Class Booking System

Don't forget to take advantage of our discounted 'Class Pass':

  • Select a package under the 'Class Passes' tab below.
  • Add at least 1 class date from the 'Schedule' before checkout.
  • You may add up to the amount of the 'Class Pass' selected.
  • If only booking 1 class with a 'Class Pass', you can book the remaining dates using the pass via your login.
  • If you did not make a login prior to booking, a link will be sent to you via email upon completion.
  • Class passes are not valid on 'Stretch & Flexibility' or 'Open Play' and expires 28 days from date of first class booked.

(Please remember to turn up on time and ready for your class start time, we reserve the right to turn away any late comers.)

Fra 18 aug 2022
august, 2022
20 lør 12:00 BST Pole Fitness (Beginner Only)
13:00 BST Pole Fitness (All Levels)
22 man 18:00 BST Pole Fitness (All Levels)
19:00 BST Pole Flow/Floorwork
23 tir 18:00 BST Pole Fitness (All Levels)
19:00 BST Hot Heels Pole (All Levels)
24 ons 18:00 BST Pole Fitness (Beginner Only)
19:00 BST Pole Fitness (All Levels)
25 tor 18:00 BST Pole Fitness (All Levels)
19:00 BST Stretch & Flexibility
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