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Class Booking Page for The Fitness Studio

Please select the class on the date and time you wish to attend. Then choose whether you are a member of The Fitness Studio, Gravity Fitness or non member before choosing to pay online securely by PayPal or opting to pay in person before the class starts. If you don't book your space we cannot guarantee that you will be able to attend the class.
Please Note: We no longer offer refunds for cancelled bookings, instead we will transfer your booking to another available session. If you cancel within the 12 hours prior to the class then a transfer will not be possible.

Fra 30 jun 2022
juni, 2022
30 tor 10:10 BST Pilates 50+
19:00 BST Clubbercise
19:50 BST Box
1 fre 09:15 BST Bootcamp
11:15 BST Stay Strong
2 lør 09:30 BST Hatha Yoga
3 søn 09:30 BST Body Pump
4 man 09:15 BST Clubbercise
10:35 BST Pilates
11:20 BST Stay Strong
19:15 BST Yoga Balance
5 tir 09:15 BST Bootcamp
10:10 BST Pilates 50+
19:30 BST Pilates
6 ons 09:15 BST Kettlebells
10:00 BST Yoga Balance
18:30 BST Vinyasa Flow
7 tor 06:30 BST Kettlebells
10:10 BST Pilates 50+
19:00 BST Clubbercise
Tider vist i tidszone: London