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April, 2018
3 Di 20 Tage ARIZONA Ridgebook Sessions: April 3-15
8 So 20 Tage NEVADA Ridgebook Sessions: April 8-20
12 Do 18 Tage CALIFORNIA Ridgebook Sessions: April 12-30
21 Sa 1 Tag Las Cruces On Black Sessions
1 Di 20 Tage Ridgebook Shoot Rocky Mountains (Spring 2018) CO/UT/MT/ID
6 Mi 10 Tage Ridgebook Shoot Mid-West North
1 So 30 Tage Ridgebook Shoot Pacific Northwest (Spring 2018)- WA/OR/NorCal
In der Zeitzone angezeigte Zeiten: Pacific Time (US & Canada)

ARIZONA Ridgebook Sessions: April 3-15

Dienstag, 3 April, 2018   20 Tage


This is the page to make a deposit to get scheduled for a Ridgebook Shoot. You can find details of the Ridgebook shoots and project here:

The majority of you probably found out about the project through fb and you can find loads of pics and the latest on the project at that site:

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