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Sylvia Shirley - Healing and Wellness Meditative Sound Healing

Enjoy a very relaxing Meditative Sound Bath in a peaceful, heavenly atmosphere.
When you feel it is time for you to calm your mind, let go of heaviness, find inner peace and time for you, then this is an hour well spent.
The vibration of gongs, chimes, Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls will take you on a journey of peace and tranquility.
In a small group up to 5 you can recharge and realign your energy.
I will provide everything including a bottle of water.
The water will be charged up with good energy, just like yourself.

By the way if you would like an one on one Sound Bath or come with your family, friends & colleagues in a group up to 5, you can book online for a session during my normal working hours, just click on the following link and scroll down to meditative sound bath. https://healing-and-wellness-centre.salonized.com/bookings/new

IMPORTANT: You will receive a reminder 26 hours before coming, if you need to reschedule or cancel your session, you can do so online up to 24 hours before,

Wishing you a heavenly experience and much joy and healing,

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