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The team at Deer Tracking Services are the UK's leaders in providing specialist training to deer stalkers and their dogs to track wounded deer, offering regular training oppotunities every month. Our core training days are either on a one to one (1:1) basis where you work with one handler, or our standard days where training is carried out in small groups, normally of up to four handlers and their dogs in one session. No matter whether you are a complete novice or more experienced, we will taylor your experience to your own requirements.
Training days take place within some 18,000 acres of stunning forestry with special permission from Forestry England (East of England). Having this amount of ground at our disposal helps ensure that we can offer a wide variety of habitat and terrain to cater for you and your dogs abilities

From 19 Jul 2024
July, 2024
20 Sat 1 day
21 Sun 1 day
28 Sun 1 day
4 Sun 1 day
10 Sat 1 day
17 Sat 1 day
25 Sun 1 day
31 Sat 1 day
1 Sun 1 day
7 Sat 10am BST
28 Sat 1 day
5 Sat 1 day
6 Sun 1 day
12 Sat 1 day
13 Sun 1 day
19 Sat 1 day
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