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Delicious Heath and Fitness

Delicous Health and Fitness is ran by Susanna Macaulay in Folkestone, Sandgate, Saltwood and Hythe, Kent.

Susanna began her career as a professional dancer. Susanna has quite literally danced her way around the world. Dancing in Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, she loved it all, especially dancing in Las Vegas.

Since gracefully retiring from dancing, Susanna has used her knowledge of dance and the human physic and her love of a healthy lifestyle, and retrained in fitness. Susanna’s energetic style, yet calming persona, combined with her professional skills as a dancer, brings a unique teaching experience to the studio.

After working for 8 years teaching fitness in London, Susanna has relocated to the South East Coast and now runs Delicious Health and Fitness

Currently the classes offered are Zen Fitness (fitness yoga and Pilates), Metafit HIIT Training and Barre Fitness -The ultimate low impact total body condition class - see schedule below

Delicious Health and Fitness was born from Susanna’s love of a healthy body, mind and positive outlook in life. Her laid back attitude and friendly approach has proven to have a solid following from beginners to advanced participants.

If you’re looking for something new, friendly and social in Folkestone, Sandgate and Hythe then this could be the one for you.

Hope to see you soon!

From 15 Jul 2024
July, 2024
16 Tue 9:15am BST
6:30pm BST
17 Wed 9:15am BST
5:45pm BST
6:15pm BST
18 Thu 6pm BST
23 Tue 9:15am BST
6:30pm BST
24 Wed 9:15am BST
5:45pm BST
6:15pm BST
25 Thu 6pm BST
30 Tue 9:15am BST
6:30pm BST
31 Wed 9:15am BST
5:45pm BST
6:15pm BST
1 Thu 6pm BST
6 Tue 9:15am BST
6:30pm BST
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