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Divine Healing

Join me for an hour of deeply restorative sounds, frequencies and vibrations that work on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Location : Sanctuary At The Mill, Barley Holme Rd, Crawshawbooth, BB4 8AX

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, not sleeping, low mood or just generally unbalanced allow yourself some peace and tranquility. Bathe in a heart opening journey, connecting your mind, body and soul.

Some of the benefits of sound healing may potentially include :

• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Activates higher states of consciousness
• Unlocks blocked emotions
• Induces complete relaxation
• Promotes deep meditation
• Heightens clarity
• Improves ability to concentrate
• Relieves insomnia
• Decreases depression
• Relieves physical pain
• Releases emotional trauma
• Cultivates a feeling of peace

Please note :

The event starts promptly at 7pm

What to bring :

Mats, blankets and eye pillows are provided however please feel free to bring any extra pillows, blankets, socks you need to feel comfortable. Arrive hydrated and on a light stomach.

Not suitable for :

• 1st trimester pregnancy
• Anyone with a pacemaker or electrical medical implants
• Epilepsy

Looking forward to holding space for you.

Danielle x

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