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East London JKA Class Bookings

Adult welcome at all locations

We will have 2 Class for different grades @ Given-Wilson Centre
1st lesson Beginners to yellow belt // 2nd Green and above and adult beginners

We will have one lesson for all grades @ Robert Clack Leisure Center

We will have one lesson for all grades @ Robert Clack Leisure Center

We will have 1 lesson 1.5 hours all grades children and adults welcome @ Newham Leisure center 11 am start

Booking Options:- Single Classes, Double Classes or Multiple classes.
If wish to select multiple lesson in one month we suggest that you select the Class Passes tab to see if there are options available to meets your requirements.

Refund policy

Due to the corona virus all bookings between August and October 2020 will be no- refundable.

Please ensure when booking that you will be able to attend the classes you book.

Non-refundable bookings for this time period are sadly essential as the limited training spaces are the most we can offer, while still maintaining the on going viability of the karate club.

Please note you may be able to transfer to another lesson, within 30 days of the first booking, if there are spaces available, however it must be noted that spaces are limited.
Therefore to avoid disappointment please check and book early.