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Looking glass a solstice dream

Saturday, 22 June '24   2 days
Concordia Hall, Church Road, St Leonards, Saint Leonards-on-sea, TN37 6HB
48 spaces available
Looking glass a solstice dream


It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”
― Lewis Carroll

Imagination meets the movement of our mind, our thoughts become translated into metaphor.

Innocence with Lyrical wisdom are our invitation to explore on this two day immersion into our wild surrendered playful qualities.
To see , shift into clear fresh perspectives, everything a different shade, like turning up the volume on our senses.
We will be free to write, draw, dance, dress up, create stories and tell them.
A creative explosion unleashed by the dance.
Together we look into the reflection of each other and meet there, held, seen, loved.



Looking Glass a Solstice dream

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Looking glass a solstice dream


Looking Glass Solstice dream

Concession/ pensioner / unemployed /student


Concordia Hall
Church Road
St Leonards
Saint Leonards-on-sea
TN37 6HB

Walking distance from Warrior Square train station.
Free parking in and around the area.