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East of England Pathology Courses

We have been running advanced courses for Histopathology since 2009. Our course directors and organisers are based in Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow, Essex, UK and Cambridge University Hospital NHS Trust, Cambridge, UK. Our faculty include several national and international experts in their field, many of whom have supported our courses since 2009. Since the pandemic we have rapidly adapted our courses to hybrid format, making our courses accessible to an international audience. Our courses include an advanced histopathology and cytology course, intensive prepinar series and physical slide workshop which run twice a year prior to each exam diet. We also have run weekly "30 Webinar series" CPD update for trainees and consultant histopathologists.

From 20 Feb 2024
January, 2024
8 Mon Course: 2 dates
20 Tue 1 day
21 Wed 1 day
Course: 9 dates
22 Thu 1 day
23 Fri 1 day
24 Sat 1 day
26 Mon 1 day
27 Tue 1 day
28 Wed 1 day
29 Thu 1 day
1 Fri 1 day
4 Mon Course: 4 dates
Course: 5 dates
11 Mon Course: 19 dates
12 Mon Course: 24 dates
2 Mon 8am BST
Course: 12 dates
3 Tue 8am BST
4 Wed 8am BST
Times shown in timezone: London