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Rowing Boat Large Pedalo Small Pedalo Adult Kayak Child's Kayak Open Canoe Paddleboard

Please arrive 10 mins before your scheduled booking slot, if you are late your booking may be lost if we haven't the capacity to get you on the water at a later time.

De 18 abr 2021
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abril, 2021
18 dom 12:00 BST Adult Kayak
12:00 BST Child's Kayak
12:00 BST Paddleboard Hire
12:30 BST Large Pedalo
12:30 BST Rowing boats
12:30 BST Small Pedalo
12:30 BST Adult Kayak
12:30 BST Child's Kayak
12:30 BST Open Canoe
12:30 BST Paddleboard Hire
12:45 BST Large Pedalo
12:45 BST Adult Kayak
12:45 BST Child's Kayak
12:45 BST Paddleboard Hire
13:00 BST Large Pedalo
13:00 BST Rowing boats
13:00 BST Adult Kayak
13:00 BST Child's Kayak
13:00 BST Open Canoe
13:00 BST Paddleboard Hire
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