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Little City South West Yorkshire

Welcome to Little City South West Yorkshire - Your Little City adventure starts here!

We are an entirely mobile role play city for little ones to explore and enjoy! We can't wait to see you and your child(ren) when you come to play!

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Your Little City adventure starts here!
We can't wait to see you and your child(ren) when you come to play!

👇Please scroll down to see venue options and times.

📌Please check the address to the venue on your ticket to make sure you're travelling to the right
⏲ We will welcome you into the venue at the session start time and check you in with your and your
child(ren) names. It is then we will ask that you sanitise your hands and we will go over how our
event works if you haven’t been before.
☕ Snacks and refreshments will be available to buy at most events. Any snacks are to be eaten to the
side away from toys and equipment. In a bid to help reduce our waste we encourage you to bring
your own reusable cup and, in doing so, you will be entered into our draw to win a free session
(drawn quarterly). We also ask if you bring your own snacks, that you avoid any items with nuts in
📷Please do take photos of your child playing, always being mindful of any other children around
you. We'd love and appreciate any social media tags of you and your child playing!
💷 The price listed is per child and gives entry to our city and all the play areas available. Limited
additional adult spaces are available to purchase.
👨‍👧‍👦You are responsible for your own child/children at all times.

Little City is designed for children aged 6 and under.
Non-walking baby siblings are free with a paying child and do not need a ticket. If possible please
leave pushchairs outside the venue to allow for as much space as possible to play.

🔔 IMPORTANT: If you, or a family member are showing any signs of illness such as COVID-19, Chicken
Pox, Hand Foot and Mouth etc please do not attend our sessions.

❗ As per our terms and conditions, cancellations can be made up to 24 hours in advance of the
event; at that point you can transfer your bookings to any other available event in the future. If you
cancel within 24 hours of the event, you may not transfer your tickets to another event. We don’t
offer refunds on any events.

If you have any questions, please let me know at:

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