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Monday online strength and conditioning session - swimming

lunes, 16 mayo '22   07:30 – 08:15 BST
Zoom - Online
Monday online strength and conditioning session - swimming

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A 45-50 minute training session of multi-sport and endurance specific strength and conditioning, online, over Zoom.

Friday mornings 7:30 am

This session focuses on shoulder and hip range of movement (ROM), functional core strength (long axis) and increasing overall balance and strength in the rotator cuff muscle groups (deltoid, subscapularis, teres major, serratus anterior and pecs). It is aimed at endurance swimmers, triathletes and athletes returning to sport after injury or surgery, as a prehab and strength/ core session, coached by Fiona Ford.


You will require:
Access to Zoom on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone
A stretch band with handles ~ 1 metre long or a physio issue theraband of similar length
A foam roller
2 x water bottles 750ml (half or fully filled) or light hand weights 500g to 1kg
Comfortable clothing allowing range of movement (ROM)


Online Strength and Conditioning for Swimming
Strength, core and prehab session for swimming.Weekly Monday morning session at 7:30am (45 mins)Focusing on developing shoulder flexibility, upper body and hip ROM and core / trunk / shoulder strength.

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Zoom - Online