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FIT & FABULOUS! with Charlotte & Abi

Cancellations within 4hrs of the class are non-refundable (except TripleFit which is pay on arrival). If you cancel before 4hrs, I will email you to offer you a transfer to the following week.

WEEKLY CLASS TIMETABLE - please scroll down further for this week's class that are available to book.

Places for each class will become available to book one week before the class (one hour before the start time of the class) e.g. if your class is 6.30pm on a Monday, it will come up on the website at 5.30pm on the Monday before.

❤️MONDAY - DanceFit 6.30pm at Sky Academy, Taunton
💚 MONDAY - TripleFit with Abi 7.45pm at Sky Academy, Taunton
💜TUESDAY - FLexercise 9.30am at Langport
💜TUESDAY - FLexercise 11.30am at Somerton
🧡TUESDAY - LatinFit 6.30pm at Sky Academy, Taunton
💜WEDNESDAY - FLexercise 2pm at Ilminster
🧡WEDNESDAY - LatinFit 7.30pm at North Petherton
💜THURS - FLexercise 9.30am at Monkton Heathfield
💜THURS - FLexercise 11.30am at North Petherton
🧡FRIDAY - LatinFit 10am at Langport
❤️FRIDAY - DanceFit 11.15am at Langport

If you would like to know more about my online work-outs, please following the link below -

From 26 Feb 2024
February, 2024
26 Mon 6:30pm GMT
7:45pm GMT
27 Tue 9:30am GMT
11:30am GMT
6:30pm GMT
28 Wed 2pm GMT
7:30pm GMT
29 Thu 9:30am GMT
11:30am GMT
1 Fri 10am GMT
11:15am GMT
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