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Fidos Agility Events

Our workshops are open to all Handlers within the Agility Community.

If you do have any questions please email:

From 21 Jul 2024
September, 2024
7 Sat 9am BST
8 Sun 9am BST
6 Sun 9:30am BST
27 Sun 9am GMT
3 Sun 9:30am GMT
9 Sat 9am GMT
10 Sun 10am GMT
24 Sun 9am GMT
1 Sun 9am GMT
7 Sat 9:30am GMT
8 Sun 9am GMT
14 Sat 9am GMT
15 Sun 9am GMT
January, 2025
5 Sun 9am GMT
11 Sat 9am GMT
12 Sun 9:30am GMT
2 Sun 9am GMT
9 Sun 9:30am GMT
16 Sun 10am GMT
Times shown in timezone: London