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Find Your Magick - Fall In Love With Life

Founded in 2020, Rose and Jon Skelton Pearson have combined and rewoven their multi-certified skills in yoga, modern/classical tantra, psychotherapy, coaching, dance, meditation and organisational/education consultancy to produce quality, frills-free workshops, bespoke retreats and coaching programs designed to enable deep and lasting personal transformations. By adhering to the principle that there is nothing wrong with individuals that need to be fixed, but everything right that awaits discovery, they exercise the powers of gentleness, vitality and passion to call forth the gold within you and allow you to shine fully as a conscious, integrated celebrant of life in all of its manifestations: self-reflective, social, relational, professional and spiritual. Rose and Jon bring a deep integrity and extensive knowledge to their work (they have 60 years of personal practice between them). They balance an effortless authority with a lot of fun, humour and warmth.

From 1 Dec 2023
February, 2024
1 Thu 7pm GMT Embodied Queendom
10 Sat 2pm GMT Nourish Your Relationship; A Valentine Tantrik Journey for Couples
19 Tue 6 days Tantric Lovemaking for Couples Module One
11 Tue 6 days Tantric Lovemaking for Couples Module Two
24 Tue 6 days Tantric Lovemaking for CouplesModule Three
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