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FIngertipsPro Learning & Professional Development

2024 Pricing Information

April 2024 through May 12, 2024 Use SPR295OFF Discount Code

Scaled Agile Framework Training: SAFe®

SAFe® Training Offerings

SAFe® Course Cost per Student
Leading SAFe® $2,000
SAFe® for Teams $1,000
SAFe® Scrum Master $1,200
SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master $1,600
SAFe® Release Train Engineer $1,600
SAFe®Product Owner/Product Manager $1,600
SAFe® DevOps $1,800
SAFe® for Government $1,200
Lean Portfolio Management $1,800
SAFe® Agile Software Engineer $1,200
SAFe® for Architects $1,800
Agile Product Management $1,600
Agile HR Explorer $1,000
CoFund (w/LPM) Optional $1,500

Tech & Management Consulting: Monthly Subscription
Foundational Training: Sub $349 April Only ($549 May 1st)
Tuesday(s) and Thursday(s) except holidays

BA 101: Foundations of Business Analysis
Requirements Management Life Cycle
Facilitation Skills
Stakeholder Management
Microsoft Office
Scrum & Kanban Basics
Lean Six Sigma Foundations
Introduction Scaled Agile
Collaboration Tools
Video Conferencing
Atlassian Suite
Master Zoom Meetings
Mock Interviews: Group & 1:1 by appointment only
FingertipsPro Slack Channel
FingertipsPro Digital Products Discount
Toolkits, Templates, and User Guides

Refund policy

Registration and Administration Fees are non-refundable. Please be aware that after booking a class or course, class/course fees are ONLY refundable 24 hours BEFORE the scheduled course or class. If a class or course is missed, please notify and the next scheduled class/ course will be available for enrollment.