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Forest Fun Club, a positive outdoor learning experience.

Set in the expansive parkland of meadows and woodland that surround Pickhurst Infant Academy, the Forest school site provides a rich and varied opportunity to extend a children’s learning without them even realising!

Forest Fun is based on the Forest School principals of child led play, managing their own risks children are given the freedom to play in a safe environment with the opportunity to have a go at achievable tasks with adult support when necessary.

Forest Fun is about new friends, new experiences, team building, leadership skills, challenging, motivation, confidence, self-esteem, fun, respect, laughing, positive experiences, social skills, creativity, learning how to use your senses, understanding and respect for nature, learning how to look after yourself, imagination, communication skills, life skills, whatever the weather.

From 25 Jun 2024
July, 2024
13 Sat 10am BST
1:30pm BST
20 Sat 10am BST
1:30pm BST
14 Sat 10am BST
1:30pm BST
28 Sat 1:30pm BST
12 Sat 10am BST
1:30pm BST
2 Sat 10am GMT
1:30pm GMT
Times shown in timezone: London