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Forest Way Alliance Training and Events Booking

From 26 Nov 2022
January, 2023
10 Tue 9:30am GMT Behaviour as a form of communication
12 Thu Course: 6 dates NEW ELSA Training Course 2023 (Cohort 6)
13 Fri 9:30am GMT Inclusive PE
16 Mon Course: 2 dates Supporting children with early calculation - a focus on developing KS1 subject knowledge for TAs
17 Tue 9:15am GMT Professional Network for Maths Subject Leaders (Spring Term)
19 Thu Course: 1 date ELSA Supervision Sessions for Cohort 5
1:30pm GMT NETWORK - MFL Network Group
20 Fri 9:30am GMT Understanding and supporting pupils with challenging behaviour
24 Tue 9:30am GMT Early Play Skills
2pm GMT NETWORK - Computing Network Group
Course: 2 dates Encouraging mathematical thinking: a focus on awareness of pattern and structure in Reception and Year 1
30 Mon Course: 2 dates ELSA Support Sessions for Cohort 1 (2022-23)
Course: 2 dates ELSA Support Sessions for Cohort 2 (2022-23)
31 Tue 9:30am GMT All things SEND
1 Wed 1:30pm GMT NETWORK - Primary Maths Network Group
3 Fri 9:30am GMT Picture based communication stratergies
7 Tue 1:30pm GMT NETWORK - FW SENDCo Network Group
13 Mon 1:30pm GMT NETWORK - Primary Literacy Network Group
14 Tue 9:30am GMT Sensory Processing and setting up a portable sensory space
15 Wed 1:30pm GMT NETWORK - Deputies & Asst. Heads Network Group
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