Training sessions and events for the EPFL community, organized by EPFL Library

The EPFL Library offers short training sessions on various topics at the heart of your concerns: open science, data management, information retrieval, and more!

A practical and interactive approach is privileged. All training sessions are given in English.
Do not hesitate to contact us at should you wish to organize a training for your lab or need a customized training.

À partir du 27 oct. 2021
novembre, 2021
2 mar. 09:00 CET Introduction to building clinical research databases with REDCap
3 mer. 09:30 CET Smart Publishing (course in two parts)
5 ven. 10:30 CET Smart Publishing (course in two parts)
11 jeu. 14:00 CET Beyond Google : Find scientific information with advanced tools
10 ven. 14:00 CET Up to speed with Zotero
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