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Grow Together - Baby Massage and Yoga, Children's Yoga

Friendly and welcoming classes to support you in your exciting new journey as a parent.

Baby Massage courses introduce parent and baby to gentle massaging techniques that help to improve sleep and enable a better understanding of how to deal with common ailments. Across a series of workshops, parents will learn massage techniques for all areas of the body, and spend time developing a special bond with their baby. Massage oil is provided at the start of each course.

Baby Yoga courses introduce parent and baby to breathing techniques, gentle stretching and basic yoga movements, along with opportunities for sensory play and relaxation. Each session offers the chance to develop positive relationships with quality bonding time with your little one, whilst also building an understanding of their development and age appropriate activities.

Newborn Nurture and Blossoming Babies Clubs are a great chance to experience a variety of activities with little one - Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, tummy time ideas, sensory fun, age appropriate props - whilst also making friends and building confidence!

All our Baby classes/courses courses finish each session with a hot drink for mum/dad and an opportunity to socialise and build a supportive community with other parents.

Toddler Yogis club brings together breathing techniques and yoga movements in a calm and focused environment allowing both children and parents to experience the atmosphere together. Each session lasts 45 minutes long and consists of warming up, breathing techniques, a weekly mantra, waking up our bodies with yoga movements alongside a story or theme. The relaxation session at the end enables grown ups and children to recap the techniques they have learnt and build on the sensory activities they have experienced.

Terrific Toddlers Play sessions are our new developmental play opportunities for parents and little ones to engage in age appropriate play that supports their fine and gross motor development, along with their social skills and confidence. Each class is 45 minutes long with a variety of songs, fun activities and props - little ones won't even realise they are learning!


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