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Minnesota Training Registration

Please note: Productivity Inc. provides these classes to our customers that have purchased a new machine from us. These classes are not a substitute for technical training. Students are expected to have a basic knowledge of CNC machining prior to coming to class. The class size is limited to 2 students per session from each company. If you are not currently a Productivity customer, please contact the training coordinator directly for a quote on classroom or on-site training,

À partir du 22 fév. 2024
février, 2024
27 mar. 08:00 CST
28 mer. Série : 2 dates
5 mar. 08:00 CST
6 mer. Série : 2 dates
19 mar. 08:00 CDT
20 mer. Série : 2 dates
2 mar. 08:00 CDT
3 mer. Série : 2 dates
9 mar. 08:00 CDT
10 mer. Série : 2 dates
Fuseau horaire des horaires affichés : Central Time (US & Canada)