Sing Song Sign® - communicate and bond with your baby!

Baby signing is a really powerful way to give your baby tools to communicate, give their vocabulary a solid start and start quality communication between you and your child months before they can speak or speak clearly.

Research has shown that babies who are taught to communicate using baby signing have a much larger vocabulary by 3yrs old than those who don’t sign - this head start has positive implications right through childhood! Using Baby Signing with your little one is so much fun and has so many many benefits. Come and join our fun, musical Sing Song Sign® classes today.


  • Introduction Baby Signing Workshop - This 1 hour workshop is designed to get you started in Baby Signing. During this fun, musical class you will learn 15 baby signs and most importantly HOW to sign with your baby so that your Baby Signing is effective. After the workshop you will be sent a that details the Baby Signs covered so that you can immediately start using them. The information in the course is enough to get you started in Baby Signing! The class is 50mins long with a Q&A afterwards to answer your questions.
  • Baby Signing Basics (8 week course) - Our 8 week Baby Signing Basics Course is designed to help you integrate Baby Signing into every part of your daily routines with your little one, so that it becomes a natural part of your communication together. Using songs, games and activities you will learn 100+ baby signs and many tips and strategies to encourage your child to use the signs to communicate back to you. Each week we cover a different part of your routine - mealtimes, bath time, bedtimes, going out, playtime and more. During the classes you'll be learning but you will also be singing, playing and bonding with your little one!

IMPORTANT NOTE ON SCREENTIME: Babies learn from parents, not from screens, so this class is designed to teach YOU how to teach your own baby. And whilst you learn your baby will enjoy the singing and signing, puppets, music, bubbles and more!

Please see the FAQs detailed under the courses to answer any questions you may have or connect with us on 9833848251.

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