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Wild in the Woods

Breathing nature into childhood - connecting with outdoors through wildlife, bushcraft, woodland adventures and curiosity in play.

What we offer;
Wild Play - play based sessions for the fives and under
Wild Things - aimed at fives and under with a focussed activity and opportunity to cook on the fire along with lots of play
Run Wild - for school age children with an opportunity to develop bushcraft and nature skills including campfire cooking and time to explore the site
Wild and Free - for those who educate outside of a school
Schools and nurseries - please contact us directly via email

À partir du 20 août 2022
janvier, 2022
1 sam. 365 jours Gift Vouchers
22 lun. 10:00 BST 'Seashores' - Drop off session
23 mar. 10:00 BST 'Seashores'
24 mer. 10:00 BST 'Survival' - Drop off session
26 ven. 10:00 BST 'Survival'
13:00 BST Sunflower Smile Childcare
31 mer. 10:00 BST 'Nature Art' - Drop off session
2 ven. 10:00 BST 'Nature Art'
13:00 BST Sunflower Smile Childcare
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