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*** Purchase a FIVE CLASS PACK and get the best price for our classes ***

Each class costs ten euro when paid for using a class pack. Create an account on our booking system, purchase a class pack, and week to week book yourself into classes paying for them with the class pack.

Think of the class pack as purchasing five class credits (at a reducted rate). Then you use a credit whenever you book a class.

No more block booking of several weeks of classes in advance (some of which you may miss and lose your money). Week to week book yourself into whichever class you want to do and use one of your class pack credits. You can skip a week (or weeks) and not lose any credits. If you need to cancel a class there's no problem. In your booking confirmation email you will find a link to cancel the class (up to two hours before the class start). You can mix and match classes too. Week to week you don't have to use the credits for the same class. Choose whichever class suits you!
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À partir du 19 avr. 2024
avril, 2024
19 ven. 20:15 IST
20 sam. 10:00 IST
21 dim. 10:00 IST
22 lun. 19:00 IST
23 mar. 18:15 IST
25 jeu. 20:00 IST
26 ven. 20:15 IST
27 sam. 10:00 IST
28 dim. 10:00 IST
11:15 IST
29 lun. 19:00 IST
30 mar. 18:15 IST
2 jeu. 20:00 IST
3 ven. 20:15 IST
4 sam. 10:00 IST
5 dim. 10:00 IST
7 mar. 18:15 IST
9 jeu. 20:00 IST
10 ven. 20:15 IST
11 sam. 10:00 IST
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