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Dance meditation and conscious movement

Alex Svoboda, Ph.D., M.S., M.A.

The liberating power of dance seems to flow naturally out of Alex and spread to those who come to his classes. Alex is the visionary behind freedomDANCE. He has designed a dance meditation methodology that is remarkably accessible, straightforward, yet amazingly profound and potentially transformative. Over 50 individuals from various nations have undergone training with Alex to teach freedomDANCE.

Alex has lived in three countries (Russia, US and the UK), and his academic journey spans five colleges and universities. He attained his Ph.D., and has held roles as an analyst and manager within some of the world's foremost organisations, including the renowned management consultancy McKinsey & Company. He has received direct tutelage from pioneering conscious dance educators such as Anna Halprin and Gabrielle Roth. Formerly a university lecturer, he also has experience as a corporate training facilitator. Presently based in the UK, he conducts regular international workshops.

Alex explains why he considers dance to be his way to freedom: 'Each of our classes is an opportunity to have a taste of freedom. What kind of freedom? Freedom for the body to take over. Freedom for our mind to notice and accept what is happening inside ourselves and around us. Freedom for us to open up to something bigger, something that transcends our everyday ideas and calculations. It’s freedom to be yourself and share yourself with others…'


Praise for Alex’s Work

Here is what the dancers say about Alex and his work in their unsolicited endorsements:

• ‘You have real, soft, palpable presence. Not pushing, not holding back, sometimes waiting, sometimes offering. When you speak, I listen. It's always, always worth it.’ - Sue Rickards, Founding Member of Open Floor International, London

• ‘Alex is on his way to mastery of his art. He carries authority, elegance, kindness and compassion. His music is finely tuned to help do the work, and his sensitivity is impeccable.’ — Malcolm Stern, co-founder of Alternative and author of Slay Your Dragons with Compassion, UK

• ‘[Your workshop] …has spiralled my life and unfolded so many changes in my inner self, outer life, given me so much more clarity, joy, focus, creativity and integrity. Your gift truly keeps on giving!’ - Rana Allamutdin, Bahrain

• ‘I felt stretched in a really beautiful way- it got me dancing outside of my easy routine ways of dancing.’ - Julian Russell, London

• ‘Alex is magical - catch him if you can!’ - Louise de Caux, Cambridge

• ‘Your workshop was certainly a marathon of the heart and soul!’ - Justin Romain Hoffman, London

• ‘I left [the workshop] feeling more fully human’ Di Hinds-Williamson, Cambridge

• ‘One of the best demonstrations I've seen in a very long time.’ – Daniel Kinsley, London

• ‘Alex guided us with grace, good humour and amazing music’ – Mark, London


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