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Gotham European Martial Arts Collective


The centuries old Art of Swordsmanship offers countless challenges, rewards, and opportunities for personal growth. From general fitness to tournament training, we look forward to being a part of your journey! At Gotham Swords, we host a variety of weekly classes, workshops, and special events throughout the year in mid-town NYC.

New & Getting Started

If you're new or just starting out with fencing, your best starting point would be one of our Beginner Friendly Classes — these are accessible to students of all levels of experience, and do not require special gear to participate: only some comfortable athletic clothing and shoes.

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Student Handbook

Our Student Handbook is your guide to everything Gotham Swords: Code of Conduct | Guide to HEMA Gear | FAQ

From 24 Feb 2024
February, 2024
27 Tue 8pm EST
2 Sat 10:30am EST
11:30am EST
5 Tue 8pm EST
9 Sat 10:30am EST
11:30am EST
12:30pm EST
1:30pm EST
12 Tue 8pm EDT
16 Sat 10:30am EDT
11:30am EDT
12:30pm EDT
1:30pm EDT
19 Tue 8pm EDT
23 Sat 10:30am EDT
11:30am EDT
12:30pm EDT
1:30pm EDT
26 Tue 8pm EDT
30 Sat 10:30am EDT
Times shown in timezone: Eastern Time (US & Canada)