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Welcome to Gillian Beattie’s online classes & events

Hi, I am a sport therapist based in the UK that works with massage, exercises and joint mobility to enhance posture function. Working with muscles and reducing pain is what I am good at. I am delighted that my skills, knowledge and experience has helped many people reduce pain and my online live classes share techniques and exercises that I know work.

Health, muscle function and wellbeing is important and something that is easy to manage. Live therapy classes are 30 mins so they can fit in with your busy lifestyle and have the perfect ‘me time’ to boost your health. I also have social events so we can have fun! Life is to short to be stressing about issues we don't have control over so check out the events listed below too!

Monthly self care plans are amazing to get help and support for your individual needs - to improve flexibility, get rid of pain, arthritis pain management or posture realignment. You get a personal online physical assessment with exercise plans to meet your goals. These are monitored so you are supported throughout your journey. You are not contracted in as the idea is educating you on what you can do to help yourself safely and effectively. Once that is achieved my work is done! Please visit my website

Every online class will benefit you in one way or another (being it physical improvement or knowledge). Sessions help you understand what the body is doing and provides techniques to improve it.

I hope you enjoy the classes and look forward to working with you.

From 20 Jul 2024
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