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Welcome to the Gravity Fitness booking page

Due to limited spaces, please book and pay for your Spin Express classes in advance. All other classes have no limit to spaces but still require a booking so we are aware of numbers and plan the sessions accordingly.

From 6 Oct 2022
October, 2022
6 Thu 5:45pm BST Pilates
5:45pm BST Pilates (Zoom Class)
6:40pm BST Body Pump
6:40pm BST Body Pump (Zoom Class)
7:45pm BST Bootcamp H.I.I.T (Zoom Class)
7:45pm BST H.I.I.T Bootcamp
7 Fri 9:30am BST Pilates (Zoom Class)
9:30am BST book go to
6:30pm BST Clubbercise
8 Sat 9am BST Spin
9am BST Gym Usage
9:45am BST Bootcamp
10 Mon 10:10am BST Pilates.... to book go to
5:45pm BST BOX
6:20pm BST Kettlebells
6:20pm BST Kettlebells (Zoom Class)
7:20pm BST Body Pump
7:20pm BST Body Pump (Zoom Class)
11 Tue 5:45pm BST Arms and Abs
5:45pm BST Arms and Abs (Zoom Class)
Times shown in timezone: London